petcat.exe -help
Usage:  petcat  [-c | -nc]  [-text | -<version> | -w<version>]
                [-skip bytes] [-l hex]  [--] [file list]

   -c           controls (interpret also control codes)
   -nc          no controls (suppress control codes in printout)
   -skip <n>    Skip <n> bytes in the beginning of input file. Ignored on P00.
   -<version>   use keywords for <version> instead of the v7.0 ones
   -w<version>          tokenize using keywords on specified Basic version.
   -k<version>  list all keywords for the specified Basic version
                  without <version>, list all Basic versions available.
   -l           Specify load address for program.

        1               PET Basic V1.0
        2               Basic v2.0
        super   v2 with Super Expander (VIC)
        turtle  v2 with Turtle Basic by Craig Bruce (VIC)
        a       v2 with AtBasic (C64)
        simon   like previous but using Simon's Basic extension (C64)
        speech  like previous but using Speech Basic v2.7 (C64)
        4 -w4e  PET Basic v4.0 program (PET/C64)
        3               Basic v3.5 program (C16)
        7               Basic v7.0 program (C128)
        10              Basic v10.0 program (C64DX)